We’re improving animal welfare status in Zimbabwe

Ensuring both animals and humans live together peacefully in a fair and just environment.

Projects and Services

What We’ve Done

Rabies awareness campaign

During these campaigns, dogs are vaccinated against rabies making sure that dog owners are made to fully understand the importance of getting their dogs vaccinated. To ensure a well-informed community on rabies, community education is also done as a part of the campaign.

Working animal welfare

In this project, donkeys are dosed for internal parasites and communities educated on the importance of keeping their working animals in a good welfare status.

A Good Cage is an Empty Cage

A campaign that seeks to educate and raise awareness on the effects of battery cages on hen welfare is on-going in form of a social media campaign and seminars partnering some Universities in the country.

Buddy Bath Friday

Dogs are bathed and dipped for external parasites. The importance of dog cleanliness is emphasized making sure dog owners understand why their dogs need to be bathed. It is during the baths that dogs are fed, dewormed and the injured treated.


Nurture Imvelo Trust believes that there is a need to understand the landscapes of animal welfare within a community and how a certain community perceives animal welfare. Ongoing research includes a research on the levels on the use of pig stalls and crates in farms and a research on the levels of use of cages in egg production.

One Health Education

Key to a healthy environment, healthy humans and healthy animals is the concept of One Health. It is important to realize that better animal welfare is achieved when the environment is clean and diseases correctly treated with a reduction in anti-microbial resistance through the correct use of drugs. One Health education is achieved through seminars.

Gender in animal Spaces

Upon realization that there is less women participation in animal welfare programs in communities, this a program set up to improve women participation by equipping them with knowledge that will improve their skills in engagement, advocacy and education.

Our work in numbers, since 2021


Cats fed


Dogs fed




Dogs vaccinated


Women trained

Our Values

  • Collaborative – We aim to work with other like-minded organizations in improving animal welfare
  • Compassion – We aim to extend kindness and concern to all animals
  • Sustainability – We work to ensure that the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs
  • Inclusive – We aim to work with all people irrespective of race, gender, disability in improving animal welfare
  • Commitment – We pledge to dedicate our time and resources to our work

Help our team improve the welfare of all animals. Every bit counts.